The Cover Letter That Landed Me A Digital Marketing and SEO Position

This was sent to me by the business owner and I thought it would be worth sharing. I applied for this position ~1 year ago and just last month converted over to working for myself at Diamond Pillar full time while retaining this company as a client. I have removed some identifying information but otherwise, the letter is verbatim.

Dear Mr. [business owner]:

It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the open digital marketing coordinator/ graphic design position. I have reviewed the posted requirements for this position and believe that my skill set could undoubtedly be a powerful asset to your company.

I have a proven track record for success in maximizing both large and small companies’ digital marketing campaigns. I currently own and operate multiple online companies and over the course of the last decade have acted as a digital marketing consultant for more than 100 others. My success in this field stems from an extensive background in programming paired with a strong entrepreneurial drive which together have allowed me to understand all levels of the digital marketing process.

[Your company] has the potential to be making 10x its current revenue. I have reviewed the state of your company’s online presence and can’t wait to get started making you more money. I love the current methods that you are using to attract customers but there is much room for improvement. Here are just a few of the key strategies that I will immediately implement in order to increase revenue:

1) Incentivize customers to rate Amazon products – recent product ratings push your products up the ranking algorithm.
2) Create better sales funnel on [your website] – add an email list sign-up pop-up form to utilize more sales leads.
3) Listen to Google Webmaster Tools–Rewrite title tags and SERPs to optimize CTRs from google. Also, check internal link profile.
4) Expand social media presence – Use Hootsuite to manage social pages. All blog posts should be shared on Google+ since it’s the best social predictor of search engine rankings. Increase Instagram presence immediately.

In summation, it is clear that your company is looking for a man of many hats to fill this position and I believe that I am that man. I look forward to the opportunity to meet in person and discuss what more I can bring to your company.


Adam G. Roth

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