How to Determine if a Website is Trustworthy

Estimated Website Traffic Through some very complicated methods, there are services that estimate how much traffic that websites get. This metric is decently accurate and in many cases is worth taking a peak at just to get an idea of the popularity of the site that you are questioning. I utilize a Google Chrome plugin […]

Best Digital Marketing & SEO Tools

Best Broken Link Checkers Google Chrome Plugins Check My Links Broken Link Checker URL Auditor Software Screaming Frog SEO Spider Xenu Link Sleuth LinkChecker Online Services Online Broken Link Checker W3c link checker Google Webmaster Tools Dead Link Checker Submit Express Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugins All in one SEO Icegram – email optink, popups, […]

Evolution vs. Technology: Comparing the Human Brain to Google (Infographic)

The Evolution of Human Head Computers Human beings and all life as we know it could not survive without search. If all search algorithms were to disappear in a single instant and no longer function, humans would cease to exist at that very same moment in time. This may seem like an exaggeration, but it […]

Best Google Chrome Plugins For SEO

Google Chrome plugins are not only important to SEO site analysis, the argument could be made that these plugins are NECESSARY to accurately measure a website’s health and popularity. Please accept the following screen shot of my google chrome toolbar as evidence that I can’t live without chrome SEO plugins: An SEO website audit is […]

How to Share Google Analytics

Ever wondered how to share your Google Analytics with someone else? If you have recently hired Diamond Pillar or another SEO company, you will likely be asked to share your Google Analytics account with the respective company or person. There are several data sharing options within the analytics account that allow you to set permissions […]

History of Search Engines

The first well documented content search engine was named Archie and was introduced on September 10 1990. It was a tool for indexing FTP (file transfer protocol) archives and allowed its users to find specific files of interest. Archie was created by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan and J. Peter Deutsch while they were computer science […]