Improve Responses By Closing Out Emails with This One Word

Organization is always key when it comes to going through a sea of emails. You quickly read through them, respond and move on. There is just so much there. Some you don’t even read and they get sent straight to your trash.


When it comes to getting emails though, you might find that a lot of them actually want a response. When you go through the emails to see who said what and what deserves a reply, do you actually reply to all of them?


Probably not.


Sign Offs for Professional Emails

When it comes to saying goodbye in a professional email, which do you think is the best way to go? Did you know that some closing statement actually get more replies than some of the others?

Yes, it does all depend on the way that you close an email on the way that the parties receiving it are going to respond to it.

Some of the more common closing statements within emails include:

  • Warmly
  • Best
  • Take Care
  • Talk Soon
  • Sincerely
  • Cheers
  • Your initials
  • No closing

There are actually good ways to close your emails out when sending them to someone. No matter the person or the matter for emailing them, when you express your gratitude to them, they’re more apt to responding in a positive way back.


When closing out those emails, no matter who they are too or the content of them, make sure to close out with a thank you. Thank them for whatever it is that you send them. Even if you think it does not fit with what you’re sending, when you thank them, they have a higher chance and rate of sending an email back to you.

It shows that you care about their reply. It shows that you want them to respond and that you value their time in doing so. When it comes to closing an email, it is actually quite important. So many emails go unseen and so many go ignored. Make sure yours is not one of those.

Is There a Bad Way to Close Out Your Email?

Believe it or not, there are actually bad ways that you can close out that email. When it comes to professionals and even just sending them for various other reasons, there are bad ways to close out the emails and not get a response… ever.

Make sure you’re aware of these bad ways that they can be closed out, so you can make sure that you don’t do it when the time comes. You’re not going to want to use this if you’re looking for a response.

When you end your email with best or regards, then this could mean devastating effects for your email. Not only do they rank worst, but those that end their emails in this find that they do not actually get replies back. This is something to really consider the next time you’re composing your email and go to type out these two things. You probably are not going to want to put them.

Let’s Talk About Managing Your Inbox

When it comes to being more organized, your inbox needs to have all the bells and whistles to keep you on top of your game. This can be done through the use of many productivity extras out there.

Mindtools is great for giving tips, tricks and even a bit of extras for you to effectively manage the inbox full of emails. They also have great productivity tools that you can use to your advantage for not only the email inbox, but for all of the work that you have to do.

Another great resource for your inbox is FollowUpThen. This is a great little tool that actually reminds you to reply back to emails that are important. No more assistant, now you have this little baby helping.

When it comes to management of your inbox, there are many tools you can use. If you use a Google related inbox, then you can definitely use all of their tools. They have ways to send emails to specific folders so that you can keep everything nice, neat and organized. Who wouldn’t want that for their inbox?

Being productive, keeping the area clean and making the most of the emails you send are top ranking needs of the busy professional. Make sure you receive a reply almost every time you send something out. You want to interact, but you also want to make sure that they see that you’re sincere and caring about the way that you contact them.

Thanks for your time everyone!




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