Email Bounce Rates Can Be Significantly Decreased with These 5 Tips

If you’re sending out emails day in and day out and the bounce rates are not looking so good, then you need a better way to manage this. You want returns, you want to see responses and inquiries. The only way to go about doing this is through the use of some tips.

These tips have not only made email marketer’s bounce rates decrease, but they have gotten a lot more responses because of them. This is what the main goal is, isn’t it?

Of course, there are many reasons for the bounce. Perhaps the box is preventing your email from going through, maybe the server is just busy, the inbox might be full and the list can go on. However, there are actually ways to go around these bounced emails and get a return on the email that you originally send.

There are soft bounces which is when an email gets to the recipients server but it never gets delivered. It then is bounced back before it can get delivered. The server might be busy, down or the mailbox might be full of unopened emails. Sometimes, the user has even abandoned the mailbox. It can try to be delivered for a few days before eventually, it fails completely. This is when it becomes a hard bounce.

The hard bounce happens when the mail is permanently undeliverable. The domain name, email address or server might not even be valid anymore. There may be typos in the address or it might be blocked from receiving mail from your own server. Also, it is important to keep in mind that depending on the server, it might be classified as one or the other, since they define bounces differently.


#1 Add Unsubscription Links

Through the use of the email marketing application, you can easily add this little part to your emails sent out. This will remove those that are unable to see the email or get it. It can also pick up when an email is not being used. This allows you to clean out the unused emails and put fresh ones in. You don’t want to keep getting kicked out of inbox after inbox.

#2 Confirm Email Addresses

Send out a little email asking everyone to confirm their address to keep receiving the emails. You want to make sure that they’re getting them, don’t you?

You can every one add their correct email address into the line, or even a second one to put down someone else. This grows your list and reduces the bounce rate.


#3 Are you Blacklisted?

Make sure to check to see which providers have been blacklisted as sending out emails. You might be on the list. This means you have to change the server and then send new emails. From time to time, a lot of servers will be blocked from sending SPAM-like messages to those out there.

Major spam databases gives the servers currently being blacklisted across the email world.


#4 Test Before You Send

To make sure that you’re still able to send emails to people, send a test run to you and a couple of close people. This not only makes sure it works, but also shows whether or not it is being sent to a SPAM folder. You want to make sure all of your list is receiving the email and this can help to make sure that they are.


#5 Understand Your Email Provider

When it comes to bounces, every provider handles them differently. When you understand their process, you can better manage not only the emails you send out but the bounce rates that also come with sending them out.

This is true for any system that you decide to use. Understanding how it works or how they do bounce rates allows you to find out a solution around the problem. Every email server has their own way of defining and handling bounce rates. Make sure you know how yours handles them.


By understanding the bounce rates that you regularly get, you have a better chance of fixing the issue. You want to make sure that your emails are going through and with the ability to fix the issue, you can reach even more people and get even more responses in the long run.


Don’t worry about not being able to recoup the lost bounces, just re-do the email marketing campaign and keep your bounce rates in mind. With a better bounce rate return, you will have much better chances of reaching everyone that needs to be reached.






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