Evolution vs. Technology: Comparing the Human Brain to Google (Infographic)

The Evolution of Human Head Computers Human beings and all life as we know it could not survive without search. If all search algorithms were to disappear in a single instant and no longer function, humans would cease to exist at that very same moment in time. This may seem like an exaggeration, but it […]

Email Bounce Rates Can Be Significantly Decreased with These 5 Tips

If you’re sending out emails day in and day out and the bounce rates are not looking so good, then you need a better way to manage this. You want returns, you want to see responses and inquiries. The only way to go about doing this is through the use of some tips. These tips […]

The Original Google Algorithm & Research Papers

The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine By: Sergey Brin & Lawrence Page Published: 1998 Google was conceived as an effort to better organize the rapidly growing amount of information on the web. Primitive methods of organization that involved a high level of human curation had already been employed but it was clear […]

Best Places to Find Quality SEO Information

I’ll say it right out front: It is very difficult to get high quality and trustworthy information about search engine optimization. I attribute this to a few main reasons: 1. Google is Secretive It’s no secret that Google is secretive, why wouldn’t they be? If Google released the exact inner workings of their search algorithm, […]

The Cover Letter That Landed Me A Digital Marketing and SEO Position

This was sent to me by the business owner and I thought it would be worth sharing. I applied for this position ~1 year ago and just last month converted over to working for myself at Diamond Pillar full time while retaining this company as a client. I have removed some identifying information but otherwise, […]

How to Select SEO Friendly Server, Hosting, and Platform for Your New Website

There are many ways that a developer can construct a website. Probably the easiest method for both the developer and the webmaster is by utilizing a publishing platform such as WordPress or Shopify. WordPress is open source and so widely used that it is working its way to becoming the standard platform for small business […]