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Our Story

Diamond Pillar is a small Digital Marketing firm with the power of a multi-national marketing agency. Hi, I’m Adam, founder & CEO of Diamond Pillar and currently the only official employee here. I work out of my home office in the Highland Park area of Pittsburgh, PA and yes, I generally do adhere to the posted business hours of 8 am – 10 pm. Monday to Sunday.

I designed Diamond Pillar’s business structure to deliver optimal results for both my clients, my partners, and myself. To put it bluntly, it was clear to me from the beginning that conventional methods of acquiring and implementing digital marketing services were entirely inadequate. I’ve seen too many business owners inadvertently stunt the growth of their own companies by either trying to learn and implement technical SEO themselves or hiring an inexperienced full-time employee to take over this role only to eventually seek out other options.

That’s why I decided to structure Diamond Pillar in a unique way. I am the only employee, but when you sign a contract with me, you get an army of digital marketing experts backing you up. This is because over the past 10 years I have developed a network of consultants and contractors that are cheap and reliable. I ALWAYS implement all technical and creative aspects of marketing campaigns myself and I ALWAYS double and triple check any subcontractor’s work. By structuring Diamond Pillar in this way, I am able to deliver the HIGHEST QUALITY SEO & Digital Marketing services available to companies that would conventionally hire an inexperienced recent graduate while charging the same or LESS.

Our MIssion

To help your business more effectively distribute your product, service, or ideas. I created Diamond Pillar with one goal in mind – boosting your business in a cost effective and transparent manner. Our unique business structure and devotion to transparency removes the risk associated with conventional digital marketing contracts. Our model of operation ensures that as a business owner you can reliable leave business expansion in our hands and redirect your efforts back into what you do best – providing a high quality service to you customers.

Why Us

  1. Proven:
    We have never had a client realize a negative ROI after investing in our services
  2. Cost Effective:
    You get 10 years of proven digital marketing experience for an investment similar to what you could expect to pay an entry-level digital marketing manager
  3. We Make You More Money:
    Think it sounds too good to be true? Check out a few real world results that we have delivered to our clients on our portfolio page.The best time to take action is today –
    contact us now.

the diamond Pillar team

Lead SEO Consultant, CEO

Adam G Roth, M.S
Corporate SEO Consultant / CEO



DIGITAL MARKETING SPECIALIZATION: National SEO & eCommerce Websites > 2000 pages

FAVORITE PART OF THE JOB: Calculating my clients ROI

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN SEO? Sheer interest. I had friends that were starting businesses and I wanted to help out, so I started studying SEO.

FUN FACT: I speak my mind. Everyone keeps telling me to stop but it still has yet to backfire so I see no reason to. I’m just being transparent.


Degree: M.S. Natural Language Processing from University of Pittsburgh Department of Biomedical Informatics

Previous Positions: Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing Researcher @ University of Pittsburgh, Enterprise Architect / Informatics Engineer @ Department of Veterans Affairs, Director of Digital Marketing Bradco Enterprise.

Current Positions: Board Chair & CTO NPAE (National Physician Assistant Education), CEO Diamond Pillar

Scientific Publications: Applications of Machine Learning to Biomedical Text Mining, Towards Extracting Supporting Information About Protein-Protein Interactions


Lead Website Development Consultant

Steve Livingston
Web Developer, App Developer/ Senior Software Engineer


SPECIALTY: Website Development, Server maintenance, software development.

FULL-TIME POSITION: Software Engineer @ UPMC

CONSULTANTING COMPANY: https://www.stevers.io – software engineering at enterprise scale. Premium websites and scalable applications


Resume available upon request or on linkedIn.

Aaron M. Perelman
google analytics lead & seo trends consultant

Travis L. Grubesky
Social Media Specialist / Independent Consultant

Kayla R. Schonthaler
Senior Content Strategist / Freelance writer

Aman Gupta
Machine Learning and Algorithm Consultant

Daniel K. Johnson
Project Management Coordinator

Derek Shirey
Technical Lead, website development freelancer